“Montpellier University partnership foundation,

the Van Allen Foundation supports the Montpellier University Space Center

where students train by developing nanosatellites.”

The members of the foundation board

1.                                              2.                                            3.

  • 1. Jean-Claude GAYSSOT, former Minister, Sète-Frontignan Port President, Van Allen Foundation President
  • 2. Denis PUY, Montpellier Universe and Particles Laboratory Director, Van Allen Foundation Treasurer
  • 3. Jean-Louis FELLOUS, former COSPAR Director, Van Allen Foundation Secretary

The operational team

1.                                              2.                                            3.

  • 1. Laurent DUSSEAU, Van Allen Foundation and University Space Center of Montpellier Director
  • 2. Isabelle LAGRACIE, Development & Fundraising Director
  • 3. Caroline REYNAUD, Financial and administrative manager

Van Allen Foundation History