A unique training infrastructure

A unique training infrastructure2018-02-21T10:12:15+00:00
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The Occitanie/Pyrenees-Mediterranean Region and the Van Allen Foundation strove to bring all the players involved together in a single CSU building.

from Montpellier University taking mechanics, electronics and information technology courses at:
  • Montpellier Science Faculty
  • Nîmes IUT 
  • Montpellier IUT
  • Montpellier Polytech
  • AIRBUS DEFENCE & SPACE : European Leader in environmental satellite qualification
  • SYSTHEIA : Microcameras and systems for extreme environments (including space)
  • TECNALIA FRANCE : industrial robotics research and technology
  • TRAD : electronics testing and irradiation


  • INSTITUTE OF ELECTRONICS AND SYSTEMS, with the RADIAC (Radiation and Components) research group
  • LIRMM : Laboratory of information technology, robotics and micro-electronics in Montpellier
  • LMGC : Mechanics and civil engineering laboratory

The Van Allen Foundation has funded some of the equipment. Its aim is to acquire all the cutting-edge facilities required to develop nanosatellites from A to Z:

  • A concurrent engineering room: 
    for working together simultaneously on various aspects of the nanosatellite, and viewing the overall result in real time
  • A mechanics workshop (not yet acquired)
  • An electronics workshop
  • White rooms: 
    to be able to assemble nanosatellites in a completely dust-free environment
  • Control and radiocommunications rooms: 
    for monitoring and communicating with nanosatellites in space

LThe Van Allen Foundation provides funding for several student supervisor posts at the CSU. Incidentally, most of them are former “nanosatellite” students:

  • Technical director
  • Ground station engineer
  • Radiocommunications engineer
  • Technician