A “nano” team

Like the nanosatellites themselves, the team is small but very dynamic and ready to take on new challenges every day.

  • Pr. Frédéric SAIGNE, Director of the Fondation Van Allen
  • Isabelle LAGRACIE, Development & Sponsorship Director
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  • Julia FABJANCZYK, business charge of the fundraising
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  • Nathalie BENSADON, Communication Officer
    Email  Tél :
  • Caroline REYNAUD, Accountant and Executive Assistant
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Supporting institutions

  • Europe
  • Région OCCITANIE Pyrénées – Méditerranée Regional Council
  • CNES : National Centre for Space Study programmes – the French space agency)
  • ESA : European Space Agency
Van Allen Fondation Presentation Brochure

A duo: the University Space Centre and the FVA

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