Funding for practical nanosatellite training

Funding for practical nanosatellite training2018-02-15T16:40:34+00:00

Funding of practical nanosatellite training stints for 60 students

From undergraduate to Master’s degrees in all fields, on the following subjects :

  • Radiocommunications
  • Mechanics
  • Interaction radiation/components
  • Other: integration of AIT satellites, information technology, mission analysis, electronics and materials, etc.

Funding for 6 research theses (3 years) and 2 post-doctorate theses on nanosatellites

  • Andrey : Evaluation of startracker application for nanosatellites
  • Irina : Robotic System for ground-based micro-gravity nanosat behaviour emulation
  • Mathias : Assessment of nanosatellite radiation test methodologies
  • Raphaël : Platform and methodology of evaluation of robustness on an embedded digital system against space radiation constraints
  • Vasily : Post-doctorate: Project manager of the Méditerranée nanosatellite project (2012-2017)
  • Vincent : Cross-layer design of a data-collection architecture for low-orbiting nanosatellites
  • Viyas : Testing and reliability of memory in a space environment

Funding for international mobility: 3 students spent 6 months at JPL/NASA during their theses

  • Viyas: “a unique experience (…) in this prestigious environment, a thrilling and innovative project (…) unforgettable.”
  • Mathias : “an extraordinary experience, to be able to work at the number 1 space agency…”
  • Georgios : “a welcoming and very interactive environment (…) you meet people who have worked  on very well-known NASA projects; there are always training courses, seminars… (…) a really magnificent, outstanding experience.”