Because of its high employment rate

Employment made in France

The aeronautics & space sectors are flagships of the French industry. The numerous leading French companies in these sectors (Airbus, 3DPlus, Zodiac Data Systems, etc.) are developing business and employment in France.

The Groupement des industries françaises aéronautiques et spatiales (abbreviated GIFAS) is the French Aerospace Industries Association created in 1908, featuring more than 300 members.

High Technology also recruits similar profiles, for example in:

Automotive, Energy, Telecoms, Rail, Electronics, Mechanical


Some jobs in the space sector linked to nanosatellites :

Jobs with responsibilities : engineer or technician

In various technical domains : mission analysis, thermal or radiation analysis, mechanical design, fabrication, electronics, power generation and storage, computing, on-board systems, functional tests, test benches, environmental tests, thermal and mechanical vacuum, high frequency radio communications, ground operations…

Project management

In quality control : product control, product assurance, testing, supplies, inventory

But also in law, medicine, biology, astrophysics…

Space fuels our dreams…

Space for the Earth

Space can improve our everyday lives : communications, environmental / military / scientific / humanitarian observation, weather forecast, agriculture, urban planning …


Get involved in fascinating missions from high technology to existential questions


With the development of ever-more efficient technology to take up new challenges

International teams

Trans-European or world-wide teams to minimize costs