Major donors

Our major donors, called ‘Grands Mécènes’, includes national and international donors, supporting the Van Allen Foundation and Montpellier University Space Centre projects.

ARIANEGROUP is an industrial company delivering critical missions for the space and defence sectors. With 8,300 highly qualified employees in France and Germany, ARIANEGROUP has unique expertise in access to space, covering the full spectrum of civil and military launch systems, including design, development, manufacturing, integration, flight preparation, operational readiness and end-of-life decommissioning. ARIANEGROUP is lead contractor for the Ariane 6 European launcher for the European Space Agency (ESA), and for the French oceanic deterrent force M51 strategic missile for the French Defence Armament Procurement Agency (DGA).

Internationally recognised for its innovative, competitive solutions, ARIANEGROUP has expertise in state-of-the-art technologies, from the chemistry of propellants and composite materials, to liquid, solid and electric space propulsion systems. ArianeGroup also offers a broad range of space, defence and industrial equipment and services, both individually and together with its subsidiaries Sodern, Pyroalliance, Nuclétudes and APP.

In the field of space launchers, ARIANEGROUP’s subsidiary Arianespace markets and operates the Ariane 6 and Vega-C launchers developed for ESA, and its subsidiary MaiaSpace develops and markets the reusable launcher Maia.

A key player in the environmental sector, the NICOLLIN Group is today the 3rd largest French operator in global waste management.
The Group’s identity is built on sound human values in the service of the public interest.

Nicollin’s corporate culture is the key to its success and is based on pledges made when the Group was founded by Marcel Nicollin, and developed and refined by his descendants, Louis, Olivier and Laurent.

  • Commitment, loyalty and responsiveness to our customers and staff.
  • Being attentive and taking into account the expectations and demands of our customers.
  • Staff motivation, and belief in the group’s values and projects.
  • Accountability for all, from executives to shop floor workers, the bedrock of respect, trust and team spirit.