Founder members

6th largest university in France, by student numbers

“The Foundation plays a vital networking role for the University and major stakeholders in the industry, and in steering the No.1 French University Space Centre. Each participant can contribute to the projects.”

Philippe AUGÉ, Président

World leader in 3D electronic components for space

« Le dynamisme et la qualité de l’équipe nous incite à supporter la Fondation depuis maintenant de nombreuses années. Nous y trouvons un grand intérêt en embauchant des étudiants de l’Université de Montpellier bien formés aux contraintes du secteur spatial »

Pierre Maurice, PDG
Logo Airbus Défense & Space

World No.1 in Space

“Airbus Defence & Space is a founder member of the Van Allen Foundation. Our support is aimed at encouraging the training and development of future talent and skills in the space field. We want to support students on innovative nanosatellite-based projects, enabling tomorrow’s technology to be tested and demonstrated in orbit!”

Arnaud DE ROSNAY, Director of Space Systems Engineering
Frederique Rebout
Logo Expleo

The EXPLEO Group is noted for its technical know-how and proven expertise in complex and critical systems

“Through the Van Allen Foundation in Montpellier, Expleo is strongly committed to training young people in the space field. Our Expleo experts support nanosatellite activities through joint R&D projects, integrate students into the realities of the industry and share with other members the passion for technological innovation topics.”

Frédérique REBOUT, Alliances & Partnerships Director