The Partners’ Club

The Van Allen Foundation Partners’ Club allows companies to join an active network focused on nanosatellites. It supports the Montpellier University Space Centre (CSUM). You can join us by becoming a donor of the Foundation. The financial contribution required to become a member is based on your turnover.

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ACTIA GROUP is a French company specializing in the manufacture of electronic and IT solutions for the automotive, aerospace, defense and telecommunications sectors. The Group currently employs over 3,700 people, including more than 1,200 in R&D, in 25 entities, including 4 factories and 6 R&D centers. We manufacture over 7 million items of electronic equipment a year.

ACTIA AEROSPACE is an ACTIA Group company specializing in the space, satcom and aeronautic sectors. ACTIA AEROSPACE supports major players in the space industry, and today offers a new approach to the sector, with a complete range of products from ground to space :

  • On the ground : HF power amplifiers, terminals and station networks, complete supervision systems
  • In space : Development and manufacture of highly technical on-board electronic systems


AIRCONEXX specializes in the distribution and design of MIL-aero / ESA tools and workshop equipment for the manufacturing and maintenance of on-board electrical / electronic systems.

Their values are the culture of a solid and lasting partnership with their customers as well as with their manufacturing partners.

AIRCONEXX take particular care to improve the ergonomics of workspaces and develop tailor-made solutions to help customers to optimize production quality.


ANYWAVES develops revolutionary antennas for the satellite constellation market.

Using state-of-the-art technology, and a team of experts, ANYWAVES designs and manufactures a new generation of off-the shelf or bespoke high-end antennas in compliance with space industry norms.

The only completely European antenna producer, this manufacturer has sold more than 150 units since its creation in 2017; reaching a turnover of €1 million in 2020 and 2021.

Its ambition is to become the market leader in miniature antennas for critical systems.

Our desire to promote our region’s wealth in all things ‘space’, naturally led us to join the Van Allen Foundation Partners’ Club. Whether through training or innovation, the CSUM, and by extension the Van Allen Foundation, enriches and sustains the space sector in Occitanie. It was therefore logical for ANYWAVES to be part of this initiative.

Nicolas CAPET, Founding President of ANYWAVES


Aspec is a professional association dedicated to contamination control and clean rooms, controlled environments. A reference organization for more than 50 years in this field, we are also the chairman of the ANFOR commission for the drafting and development of texts relating to cleanroom technologies.

Our main mission is the animation of a professional network and the connection of the main actors, whether they are researchers, suppliers or users of this sector.


CLIX INDUSTRIES is an expert in adhesive bonding. We carry out feasibility studies and validation of your assemblies and then undertake their production, from small orders to large quantities. Our clients come from a wide variety of sectors such as space, aeronautics, transportation, electronics, military and many others.

Our design office also assists clients with product development in order to ensure the best bonding and to maximise the available features: structural integrity, impermeability, adjustment, weight-saving, space-saving, electrical insulation or conduction, thermal insulation or conduction and combinations of these various functions.

We have invested in a number of state-of-the-art facilities: clean rooms, robotic cells, a thermal chamber, a vacuum chamber, etc. Our staff are trained in the requirements of the special bonding process and we hold EN9100 certification.

We quickly realised that participating in the CSUM venture through the Van Allen Foundation was an obvious step. We were attracted by the projects, the dynamism and the ambition of the team. At the CUSM, we have found a place where we can share our technical and scientific knowledge as well as our personal experience. Our mutual interest drives us to collaborate, innovate and communicate our ideas. This is where we see the value of the Van Allen Foundation Partners’ Club.

Richard BOUDINOT, President


Comat is a space equipment manufacturer. Located in Occitanie, at the heart of a unique technological ecosystem, we have been supplying instruments and flight equipment for years. From understanding the need to operating the product, Comat has a strong team of experts within its design office and a unique industrial capability that has evolved over the years to become the digital factory of tomorrow.

Comat, a true player in the space industry, has put its 45 years of existence and expertise at the service of its customers and is a leading space operator of complex mechanisms in Europe. Comat also offers simple and robust products for microsatellites, resulting from a clever combination of market analysis, innovative design and industrially competitive achievements.


Geomatys is a company specialized in the development of geospatial solutions. We develop software in a wide variety of fields such as aeronautics, defence and security, earth observation, maritime surveillance, and the environment. We have developed an application platform combining the processing of very large volumes of data taking into account near-real-time flows, complex algorithms and Artificial Intelligence for the development of Geointelligence functions, and exploitable 3D/4D representation on game engines for the design of digital twins. Our clients include manufacturers such as Naval Group, Airbus, Safran, space agencies (CNES, ESA, JAXA), but also institutions such as the French Navy.

Since its creation in 2005, the company has capitalised on its experience with the Examind software suite, simplifying the management, dissemination and processing of Geographic Information while complying with current interoperability standards.
Geomatys combines a dual activity of software publisher and service provider for the development of custom solutions.

Our expertise in the lowest-level software layers in the geospatial field gives us the ability to address particularly complex issues and to offer innovative solutions to our customers. Regardless of the format or volume of data to be processed, our teams are able to meet the most complex needs: big data processing, management of multidimensional formats, production of data ‘ready to analyze’, real-time processing.


GROUNDSPACE offers orchestration solutions that help satellite operators improve responsiveness and exploit the full potential of ground and orbital equipment while reducing the cost and complexity of operations.

GROUNDSPACE products are designed to meet the requirements of the next generation of highly versatile satellites and satellite constellations. They form a digital backbone that manages data flow and automates the ground control workflow.


Based in Reims, France since 2020, LATITUDE has become one of the hottest European light launcher project. LATITUDE’s focus has always been on enhancing reliable technology, implementing innovation by iteration loops and building tailor-made experience for their customers.


The company MECANIQUE LAURENT produces machined components, as prototypes or in small volume, for customers and equipment manufacturers in the aerospace industry. In addition to our responsiveness and thorough grasp of the requirements of this sector, our company has experience in machining alloys of various grades, and can support you in the development of your mechanical components.


NANOXPLORE is a “fabless” company based in France. The company was founded in 2010 by three veterans of the semiconductor industry with long experience in the design, testing and standardisation / certification of embedded FPGAs. NANOXPLORE is a market leader in the design of state-of-the-art Programmable Logic Solutions for FPGA cores and offers rad-hard components, not subject to US export licenses, for applications where reliability and performance are paramount.


NIMESIS TECHNOLOGY is an expert in shape memory alloys. This state-of-the-art technology is at the heart of its range of space actuators. Lightweight and compact, these high-performance products are suitable for the smallest to the largest satellites. With its modern industrial park and skilled teams, NIMESIS TECHNOLOGY is constantly innovating to meet the high standards of the space industry. NIMESIS TECHNOLOGY also covers other sectors (aeronautics, medical, nuclear, watchmaking, etc.), offering various smart devices, such as thermal safety mechanisms and precision tooling.

The CSUM has become an essential partner for Nimesis, and in fact, the Van Allen Foundation allows us to promote our expertise and our savoir-faire in this new European space ecosystem. Innovation is at the heart of our activity, and being able to rely on institutions and partners like the Foundation who share the same desire to move forward and progress is really positive.



Founded in 1999, PLUG IN is today considered a benchmark in the development and manufacture of HERMETIC bulkhead penetration solutions for applications used in environmental testing in a vacuum and more generally any application where signals have to go through 2 different environments (vacuum, pressure, gases, liquids, etc.)

Our pioneering concept of space-qualified epoxy resin sealant, offers responsiveness, reliability, flexibility and high hermeticity.

We can thus seal almost any type of connector (signal, power, HT, RF, network, etc.) or cable (HT, power, thermocouple, etc.).

Founded in 1999, PLUG IN is today considered a benchmark in the development and manufacture of HERMETIC bulkhead penetration solutions for applications used in environmental testing in a vacuum and more generally any application where signals have to go through 2 different environments (vacuum, pressure, gases, liquids, etc.) Our pioneering concept of space-qualified epoxy resin sealant, offers responsiveness, reliability, flexibility and high hermeticity. We can thus seal almost any type of connector (signal, power, HT, RF, network, etc.) or cable (HT, power, thermocouple, etc.).

Christian MAINI, Managing Director, PLUG IN


Prosix has long experience on the manufacturing of state of the art CFRP structures for different world class high end products.

Prosix Engineering, S.L. (2006, San Sebastian, Spain. Private Company) is a specialized engineering company focused on fibre reinforced plastics (FRP) and thermoset matrices. PROSIX offers comprehensive engineering services that include primary FRP material research, FRP materials properties modification and qualification for specific environments (high temperature, cryogenic, high vacuum, radiation…), definition, testing and validation of manufacturing procedures, part and mould design, costs analysis, prototype and series production and quality control (mechanical and chemical testing, NDT and SHMS).

PROSIX has an extensive knowledge on OoA pre-preg manufacturing procedures and resin injection/infusion process due to its intensive experience on the composites sector and the wide range of R & D developed programs. It develops its projects in every industrial sector for those that regularly use composites, as well as for potential users. The purpose of PROSIX is to reach the optimal level of composites usage in every single project.


RAKON has been manufacturing quartz resonator-based oscillators such as MEMS (XMEMS) for time and frequency synchronisation for decades. RAKON now designs and manufactures frequency generation and communication equipment, enabling connectivity in a wide range of markets, including telecommunications, space, defence and GNSS.

Having access to CSUM’s high-level expertise through the Van Allen Foundation has allowed RAKON to rapidly expand its portfolio of equipment for Nanosats. The expertise of its teams has allowed us to rapidly develop our skills in new areas. This technical support was one of the main reasons that led RAKON to collaborate with the CSUM.

Laurent ELZEAR, Business Development Manager


RESOLTECH, based in Rousset in the Bouches-du-Rhône, has developed since 1996 more than 250 epoxy and polyurethane thermosetting systems for all types of industrial applications.

Our laboratories are equipped with the most efficient measuring equipment and our chemical and material engineers respond to the specifications of our customers in order to support them in their technological developments.

Our systems are used in the industry for the realization of ultrasonic sensors, aircraft interiors, aircraft propellers, satellite antennas, reactors for stem cell culture, isolation and protection of electronic components, reinforcements of structures of art, insulation of electric motor cars and in many other fields.

At RESOLTECH, reactivity and continuous innovation are backed by quality production with total traceability, regardless of the quantities ordered.


For 40 years now, we have been creating the conditions to ensure the commitment and performance of the men and women in the company.
As a Human Resources Consultancy, our role is to support individuals, teams and organizations in their choices concerning integration, career development, internal and external mobility; and, more generally, in their questions of HR policy, corporate values…
To achieve this, our experts are committed to providing you with the very best HR and management advice.

The Group’s active presence with companies, public authorities and local authorities is supported by our 35 offices throughout France.
Herein lies our primary strength: we have acquired in-depth knowledge of the needs of local, regional and national organizations.


RIDE!, is a newspace company located in Paris, funded in 2020. Our vision is to provide the ultimate experience in launching services at large scale. To this end, RIDE! has designed a digital platform to manage the entire launch process, for both launchers and satellite operators. From the search for launch opportunities to the evaluation of performance, price and service level, to the conclusion of launch service agreements, the RIDE! platform offers users a seamless experience.

In addition to its platform, RIDE! offers a range of launch services, managed by mission managers, responsible for multiple deployment analysis, launch procurement strategy and separation system, launch integration, radio frequency registration, space insurance comparison, and launch vehicle and launch pad integration operations.


Located in the Yvelines, the company designs and markets “radio sensors” for radiocommunication applications, monitoring of critical infrastructures and management of radio frequency spectrum activity. Its team of “radio software” experts also offers software and hardware design engineering services.

Since 2020, the company has invested in the development of a range of products specifically for space radiocommunications and intended to simplify ground station implementation. These tools are designed to be remotely operated and dynamically reconfigured, allowing multiple links to be provided simultaneously for moving satellites.


SODERN draws on sixty years of experience in optronics and neutron technology to design innovative and competitive solutions for stakeholders in space, defense, industry and research. A world leader in star trackers and neutron systems for analyzing and detecting materials, SODERN is internationally recognized for its expertise in very high technology equipment.

Subsidiary of the European leader in access to space, ARIANEGROUP, SODERN employs 450+ people with 2021 turnover of €83M. SODERN is an organization structured on a human scale, made up of firmly committed teams.


Since 1996, SOTREM SEO designs, produces and integrates interconnection systems and electronic equipment. Expert in cabling, we work with stakeholders in the Space sector through the production and integration of electric flight harnesses, the cabling of electronic cards for RF equipment, the cabling of solar cells, the integration of test means and the production of test straps. Our teams, made up of 70 employees, provide these services at our premises in Colomiers (31) or directly on the customer site.

SOTREM SEO has an industrial tool dedicated to the Space sector, integrating a clean room and specific production equipment (parallel gap machine, bond tester, ovens, heating box, etc.).


For over 20 years, SYMETRIE has been designing and producing high-accuracy mechanical systems. It specialises in hexapods, mechanical systems with parallel kinematics used to position or move an object in space according to the 6 degrees of freedom, with great accuracy, resolution and rigidity.

These precision positioning systems are used in many sectors of activity nationally, throughout Europe and worldwide. In the space industry, they are used, for example, to test samples on beam lines, satellite or telescope mirrors, or for tooling qualification.


TERNWAVES, based in Cannes, has invented and developed groundbreaking technology for the connectivity of terrestrial and satellite LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) IoT networks. This breakthrough technology solves the capacity constraints of these networks, which are crucial for the massive and growing IoT market, while ensuring maximum range, very low power consumption and very low cost.
This technology is reaching its maximum theoretical limit in terms of long range & capacity. Our ambition is for this technology to be ranked in the top 2 in the world, as it is 100% compatible with existing IoT LPWAN ecosystems.


For over 25 years, TRAD Tests & Radiation has been recognised for its unique expertise on the effects of radiation, used to help companies predict and minimise the effects of exposure on their products and systems. Our experts in space engineering work as much in the field of radiation protection as in the study of the behaviour of systems in a space environment.


UIMM MÉDITERRANÉE OUEST represents and brings together industrial and technology companies of all sizes and from all sectors in the region. The collective agreement for the metallurgy sector covers the medical, mechanical, space, electronics and energy fields, etc. Its mission is to promote and develop the industry and to support businesses and managers, in particular through its legal, HR and financial services, its industrial FabLab and its training centre.

Every year, the UIMM Occitanie LR Training Division offers courses in the industry trades (CAP, BAC Pro, BTS and Degree courses) to more than 650 trainees and over 1,500 employees through in-service training.


The UIMM OCCITANIE TRAINING UNIT brings together under the same brand all the players in the UIMM employment-training network and offers:

  • Work-study diploma courses
  • Continuous training for employees
  • Certifying training for job seekers

The UIMM OCCITANIE TRAINING UNIT is located on 4 training sites (Bagnols-sur-Cèze, Figeac, Montpellier and Toulouse) and trains nearly 1,800 work-study students per year, from CAP to Bac + 5, with an offer of 40 work-study training courses in all areas of industry, and 70 continuous professional training courses to increase the skills of employees in industry.

In France, the UIMM Training Poles: 33 UIMM Training Poles and 43,000 work-study students trained.