2 amazing Board meetings and an event dedicated to our partners club

The Foundation had an amazing day with:

  • The newly elected of the Board (Pascale ULTRÉ-GUÉRARD / CNES, Gilles DESPAUX and Celine BOUSSINESQ-RITTERSZKI of the UNIVERSITY OF MONTPELLIER) and the re-election of our President, Jean-Claude GAYSSOT.
  • A day also dedicaded to our partners club with our dear founders (Pierre MAURICE / 3D PLUS, Arnaud DE ROSNAY / AIRBUS DEFENCE AND SPACE, Frédérique REBOUT / EXPLEO GROUP and Philippe AUGÉ / UNIVERSITY OF MONTPELLIER) and our great donor, the GROUPE NICOLLIN. The opportunity to highlight the training provided by the Montpellier University Space Center (CSUM) and share exciting BtoB exchanges.

It is an honor to create and develop CSUM’s projects with so many caring, involved professionals who are actors in its success. The Van Allen Foundation is committed to the Montpellier space adventure for another ten years.

A big thank you to everyone and in particular to the organizing and logistical team of the event.